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Boy! I love God Of War! (Spoiler Review)

Ok, I want to start with an apology, I just could never be more wrong about the game than this one, back in 2017 in our article about E3 convention, after seeing the trailer of God Of War I was for some reason completely unimpressed by it. Instead I was on a hype train for Anthem (funny how things turned out to be, on a complete reverse)

And now the main quest is fulfilled, all the realm tears are closed, Valkyrie Queen is defeated along with the rest of her gang, arenas of Muspelheim are through all the treasures are collected and I’m 100% finished with everything God Of War has to offer.

I was really looking forward to play this game ever since I saw the first trailers and when it finally came out on PS4, with the first wave of reviews and playthroughs I thought it looked so sick! And here I am at the end of our journey and by our I mean Me, Kratos and Atreus because it really does feel like that, after finishing the main story you get so close to the characters that it feels like you’ve just finished an epic quest with your good ol’ friends…

This is completely not what I expected from the game, at least considering the story, because it all starts on a very sad note, Atreus’ mother i.e. Kratos’ wife is dead and they need to carry her ashes to the top of the highest mountain of all seven realms as it was her last wish. So when I started I thought “ok so this is probably some introduction guide, while we carry her ashes to the mountain it will allow me to learn about the characters a bit, bond with them and also figure out how to do stuff, like which buttons does what, combos etc.”

The first scene where you start your journey

But you will actually be carrying the ashes throughout the whole story and when you finally get to your destination – the game is over, well, the main story is. And boy it is one hell of an amazing story and now I actually appreciate how at first they present it to you as a simple looking quest, which after a while becomes something far more complicated and captivating the further you get.

And I have to admit that I usually just can’t stand the games where you always have to be a part of a team even a small duo, like Dragon Age, where you will never be THE HERO you want to be, it will always be a bunch of “bums” which are absolutely incapable of separation from each other… But. I loved the dynamic between Atreus and Kratos and mind you, Atreus is a kid, even worse – a teenager! And we all know how big of an assholes we all were as teenagers.

Atreus caught in the moment of being a dick

Atreus being a dick

Yes there definitely will be moments when you just want to beat the living shit out of the little bugger, but thankfully that doesn’t happen often. At the end you really feel the progress of Atreus evolving from an insecure kid to an arrogant god and finally to a wise god.

The scenery is amazing, but I’m biased, I love Norse and Greek mythology so to me all what I saw felt and looked like a journey into one of those stories I read when I was in school. Heh, pretty much I can’t say anything bad about the game at this point, maybe it would be interesting to see God Of War with open world rather than “the old ways”, when you have a path to follow and you can go forward or you can go back but not left or right, but that pretty much sums up all the cons on my part.

In conclusion I want to say that this game brought back some old feelings for me, when I played an RPG for the first time in 2004, it’s called Fable: The lost Chapters, ever since that game I’ve been longing to experience anything as immersive as it was and only God Of War managed to deliver so far.

The end of an epic journey ends with an amazing view

The End Of The Game View

Here’s the trailer from 2017’s E3, the game is absolutely gorgeous

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