E3 Convention in Los Angeles

2018… Oh. My. God. We are literally drooling all over it now, because so many mind-blowing games are coming out in 2018 and we have to wait so much omg. But if you think about it, we are half way there, so brace yourself fellas…

The E3 convention in Los Angeles just happened and brought us soooo many fricking awesome games! I counted at least a dozen, which I will definitely buy as soon as they’re out. I was literally glued to my TV, like a zombie, while watching the convention.

Wolfenstein had such a crazy-cool trailer which confused me at first, cause it starts like an old 1950-1960 Lassie movie, then you see that it’s actually just one of the programs from Nazi’s TV and then more game-like show off begins. We are so gonna play it…

You are going to love these 10 minutes of Wolfenstein.

Days Gone action-adventure survival horror – stunning graphics, open world, zombie apocalypse. Voicing is just perfect (at least for me), character literally making noises all the time and commenting on certain things as all of us would in these typ of situations, and you can actually feel what the character is going through.

Hordes of zombies, non friendly humans, gigantic zombie bears and I’m sure that there’s more to that, so yay! One more to the wishlist.

It starts on a rather not very impressive note, but pay more attention to the details and gameplay.

Anthem… One word, no, actually more – Exosuit, open world, amazing graphics. Actually graphics are just superb in every game we are going to show today.

And once again our attention was caught by astounding voice/sound job they’ve done in here, while you watch the trailer and some minutes of the gameplay here, you can hear characters talk between each other and react on stuff that happens around, even when they pick up some loot, they talk and react on it… I hope it’s going to be in the game and not just the release trailer, but nonetheless…  So. Freaking. Cool.

And here comes the trailer

An interactive drama action-adventure video game, Detroit: Become Human. Have you ever wanted to lead an android rebellion?

If the answer is yes, here’s your chance and as we see in the trailer there are many possible ways of solving different situations and I have a feeling that there’s gonna be plenty of unexpected twists, so it is one of those must have games for sure.

We are 100% Tolkien fans, The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion you name it and we were super excited to finally see something more than just a trailer of the famous franchise Middle Earth: Shadow Of War.

Now we get to see how’s the siege looks like, so enjoy!

In case you haven’t seen trailer of the game, here you go:

And we got ourselves the second Injustice 2 DLC character – Sub-Zero! I’m so hyped about it! It looks like he inherited a lot of cool stuff from Mortal Kombat X, for example you can clearly see some basic attacks resemblance, ice clones and of course his famous slide.

He’s also got some improvements and it looks like he’s gonna be a very formidable fighter, look how awesome he is:

We’ve been waiting for a long time to get some cool pirate-themed game and we finally get it. Skull and Bones – multiplayer tactical action-adventure from a third-person view.

We get to chose a ship, a captain (who is also customizable) and off we go to spill blood, and wreck other ships. The whole action is going during the golden age of piracy in the Indian Ocean.

Here’s the trailer

Scary stuff we saved for the desert, last but certainly not least, freshly baked but not yet released survival horror Call Of Ctulhu, brought to us by French developer Cyanide Studios.

Looks like mostly known for their Sport, RPG and RTS games. We’re being promised semi-open world and a fascinating story with you as an investigator that finds out a revival of the great Ctulhu and a lot of mind screwing (you get the impression from the trailer).

Check it out

Some games like Spider-Man and God Of War that look quite good and we really wanna play it, but they are 100% not a priority as above mentioned candidates.

Spider-Man is always Spider-Man, open world – yeah but even games on my phone now have an open world, some new villains, some new perks, but tbh I already fed up with out friendly neighbour…

And God Of War looks very well made, but it also looks like something familiar, so we’ll have to play it first to be sure. I don’t know, may be it’s just me being picky, so here are the trailers so you can judge for yourself.

God Of War Trailer

Spider-Man Trailer

Metro Exodus. Impressive visuals, fascinating story and gameplay and I definitely have a soft spot for Post-Apocalyptic landscape, so it’s for sure a “must have”

If you are a fan of fighting games and you’re more into Marvel than DC, and don’t mind some Capcom intervention, then Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is definitely for you to try.

Assassins Creed Origins, this is one franchise that usually never disappoints, and it didn’t this time. I’m sure everybody would agree that it continues for too long and the whole thing with Assassins and Templars kinda worn out already…

Nonetheless still love it, definitely gonna buy it and one more good thing – it will be available on October 27 of this year.

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