Luke Cage has been cancelled and we are not ok😭

Well another week another Marvel show cancelled, we did not feel so bad about Iron Fist not returning since his show ended on a good note and finally gave Colleen the powers necessary to kick some ass in her own show with Misty… but just after Netflix dropped Daredevil Season 3 we got the news that Luke Cage had been cancelled too!

How dare they! Luke Cage was such a good addition to the Netflix-Marvel Universe and it had played very well with critics. Ratings might had been an issue but we really cannot know since Netflix do not publish this data… It shows a positive portrayal and the kind of African-American hero origin story that we so need today…

Just like us some corners of the internet are puzzled and some others are excited as this actually might be good news, meaning that a new Luke Cage and Iron Fist – Heroes for Hire could actually be in the works.

Luke Cage’s season finally gave us an arc to be excited about and the show had been very good and had a great cast. It was for sure not the ending we wanted for Luke Cage … hell even Iron Fist ended in a good note for with Colleen getting her sword and powers. The only consolation we have is that since both Colleen and Misty have had a good reception by viewers  we hope that they give them their own show ASAP! GIVE US DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON!

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Anyways thank you Netflix for ruining our weekend, we are all for speculation and we are seriously hoping this turns into a Heroes for Hire and a Daughters of the Dragon announcement soon… but in the mean time we will pour some wine, watch Daredevil and cry as we realise no show is safe.

P.S. why is this IG post so cryptic, ALWAYS FORWARD???? What the F does that EVEN MEAN! 😭



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