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Mortal Kombat 11 Online Beta Experience

“Thank you for playing closed beta” says the message and the only thing left to do is close the game and take some time to prepare yourself for the arrival of the full version on April 23rd and also do some thinking about what we have just experienced.

There were only 5 characters available: 

Scorpion, the classic original yellow ninja

Skarlet, making her comeback from MK9, ninja possesing blood magic powers

Baraka, the famous tarkatan, most known for the blades emerging from his hands

Jade, edenian assassin and Kitana’s bodyguard 

Kabal, former cop, burn victim and currently black dragon’s gang member


Kabal is my personal favorite from these 5 and it’s safe to say that he’s everybody else’s favorite too, because if you went online,
like 80% of the people you encountered are Kabal players

Nonetheless I played all 5 and can say that without a doubt they’re all equally enjoyable, each character has a unique skill set and playstyle and has something to offer for everybody.

Online Beta’s Roster:

Official Beta Trailer:

So for example if you prefer to play a keep away game and “zone” people to death with projectiles, JadeSkarlet are your characters or maybe you would rather be up close and personal, BarakaScorpion excel at that, or you are like me a little bit of both, good zoning options and a very good up close game which Kabal is really good at.

 I closely follow the NetherRealm studios’ games for the last 2.5 years and I gotta give the guys huge respect for what they’ve achieved so far, because when you look at the Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) and Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) both character designs and overall graphics are just on a completely different level, especially if you look at the female characters.

 You can see how the design team chose to be more modern with their creative choices of female character designs, I know you might think that she’s not that pretty now, but trust me she is. 

 Don’t trust me huh? Ok here’s the proof, the picture was originally posted by @Infinitii_FGC on Twitter, on the left is Sonya Blade from the reveal, on the right is her updated current version.

Injustice 2 (2017) of course already showed us some good visuals and character designs as well, but MK11 takes it further and makes it even greater.

Today I just wanted to talk about the Beta in general without going into much details just to keep it light. So the new netcode is great, if the game shows you that the connection quality is good, then it actually is good, there is the no lag if you play people from your area, which is Europe in my case, but Russia and Middle East also seem to be flying on a pretty fast connection without any lag spikes and actually I even managed to get some good games from USA players, but only if my opponents had a good internet.

The amount of bugs is very small and I didn’t really notice any myself. Although I’ve seen a couple of recordings of flying mid air objects and couple of weird hitboxes of the character’s moves on Twitter. Also I have an issue with the combo system, I feel like there’s not enough creative potential compared to MKX or even Injustice 2.

Buuut Beta is Beta and it’s okay for it to have small bugs and errors here and there, which will be fixed by the launch in April. Plus if you’ve seen latest Kombat Kasts, you can already notice things like faster dashes, some preojectiles properties (like Baraka’s sparks) were changed from mid to high, so now you can just crouch it and it won’t hit you. Some normal strings actually launch which allows fo another way for meterless comboing. So definitely you can see, that the developers listen to all the criticism from the community and actually adjust it right away so they can showcase it in the next Kombat Kast.

You can check the Kombat Kasts on NetherRealm’s Twitch here:

We actually streamed on Twitch for the first time and it was really fun, and since none of us likes to lose, also very emotional. There was a lot of rage quits a lot of salty players even some annoyed enough to go on mic, and nothings brings you more satisfaction online than you opponent’s pain.

But it’s all good, I’m very excited for the game to come out in April, get to the practice, learn some combos and dig into the new frame data. I’m really looking forward to playing the storymode, which promises to be, the most epic story so far in the whole Mortal Kombat universe, so let’s wait and see what future might bring. And if anyone from NetherRealm is reading this – hats off to you guys, you’ve done an amazing job once again and I really have only complements for you so far, so just keep it up.

Here’s a story trailer for you to get an idea what are we getting into:

And some showdown between old skool vs new skool:

Oh you still here? Check out the new main theme for the game, it’s amazing:


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